Message: Pastor’s Newsletter Article: September, 2010

September is a natural time to talk about education, and we’ve got lots to talk about in that regard at St. Luke’s. We’ve recently wrapped up our summer educational offerings – including the Café group’s study of Teresa of Avila’s “The Interior Castle,” and the Sunday morning study of the Creeds using Luke Timothy Johnson’s book “The Creed: What Christians Believe and Why It Matters.” We also completed a four-session new member class for those who will be joining the congregation in membership on Sunday, September 12 – Homecoming Sunday.

Homecoming Sunday also marks the beginning of a new year for our early childhood Sunday School program, now in its third year, and for our choir (see Kyle’s article for more information on choir rehearsals).

Sunday mornings before worship there has traditionally been an adult educational hour each week, which has been part bible study, part reading and discussion group. In an effort to revive that program, we’ll be offering a couple of short-term bible studies this fall instead of weekly meetings, so that newcomers can try one out without feeling the need to commit to an ongoing Sunday morning group:

The Café group has recently decided to host a series of field trips exploring a variety of contemplative practices during October and November – including meditation, labyrinth walking, dances of universal peace, and yoga. You will receive more information as those activities and dates are set. Likewise, the group that spent last year meeting around the “Living the Questions” exploration of progressive Christian theology will continue to meet this year to learn more about the historical setting for Jesus’ life and ministry and its importance for our own discipleship in this modern era using a curriculum titled, “First Light: Jesus and the Kingdom of God.”

Finally, we are very happy to welcome LSTC seminarian Christopher Honig to our community. Christopher will be with us for about eight hours each week through next spring observing parish life and practicing aspects of pastoral ministry. Knowing that we often learn best by teaching, we trust that St. Luke’s – as a teaching parish – will grow in our own ministry as we help Christopher prepare for his.

In Christ,

Pastor Erik

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