Message: Mutual Ministry…

I am having the best October in recent memory! Beginning with my birthday on October 2nd, and continuing with the anniversary of my ordination and the beginning of our ministry together here at St. Luke’s this weekend, it has been a month of celebrations. Thank you to all of you who have been a part of the planning and preparation for commemorating these events.

We’ll be enjoying a really rich musical experience tomorrow morning in worship as the choir and instrumentalists lead us in a service spanning a variety of musical traditions. The choir is meeting early tomorrow morning (9am) to prepare for worship, and I’m looking forward to their voices, the handbells they’ll be ringing, Ben Kulp’s cello, Joy McDonald Coltvet’s flute and Tim Kelley’s guitar.

These are just a few examples of the forms of service each of you offer to our community – in and out of worship. While the gospel reading for tomorrow morning features James and John arguing over who is the greatest among the disciples, I am lucky to serve in a community where people give generously of their time and talents in a variety of forms with little regard for the recognition they will receive. You are an amazingly dedicated community, and I am so thankful for these three years of service among you. I look forward to all that our next year together will bring!

In Christ,
Pastor Erik

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