Message: Study Groups…

Some of my favorite memories from high school and college involve late nights around a box of pizza while cramming for a test with friends. There’s something about serious studying that requires the help of friends and the presence of food. Learning is easier when done together.

After his death and resurrection Jesus makes a series of appearances to his friends and disciples – but they have trouble recognizing him. In tomorrow’s gospel it’s only after Jesus shares a meal and conducts an impromptu bible study that his companions realize who they’ve been with.

God is present all around us – in the sunlight that hits our faces, in the rain that cleans our sidewalks, in the neighbors that cry out in hunger and adversity. God is all and in all. When we gather together around word and sacrament we hear the stories that help us to notice God’s omnipresence. But it doesn’t take a sanctuary to decide to hold a study session. We can decide to open our homes to each other – to break bread and to listen to holy stories – those found in scripture as well as the ones we are living ourselves.

In Christ,

Pastor Erik

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