Message: Holy Week, 2008

Tonight it begins, the great Three Days around which the life of the church revolves. Lent comes to an end at sundown and we enter the mystery of Christ’s death and resurrection through a meal, a supper shared with friends, and an act of humble service.

These days of solemn and yet joyous worship can seem like acts of service for us as well. Four days of worship in a row can feel, well… extreme. Still, it is in the extremity of our own lives that God joins us – and our worship over these next four days will take us from contemplation of God’s presence in our own lives (and our own feet) to God’s saving presence in the entire world (where our feet will take us).

Knowing that there are already many demands on your attention, I invite you to attend to this: the life of discipleship and the journey that takes us through the cross to new life. Enter deeply into these Three Days and be renewed as God’s works new life in you.

In Christ,
Pastor Erik

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