Message: Caught in the net…

When I think about nets these days, I’m most often thinking of the internet – that ethereal location that is everywhere and nowhere all at once. Whether it be working on emails, conducting background research for a sermon, or ordering supplies for home or office there’s hardly a day that goes by without getting caught in the net.

I definitely don’t spend much time thinking about fishing nets, so this Sunday’s story of Jesus at the shore calling the disciples to drop their nets in order to fish for people reminds me that our modern words tie us to our past and hold us together across time.

Being caught up in the knots of our interconnectedness can feel like being trapped – like fish in a net. We fight against our natural instinct to separate ourselves from each other (see our reading from 1 Corinthians for an example of how old this behavior is), and have to be reminded over and over again that we belong to each other – we have been caught by God.

In Christ,

Pastor Erik

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