Message: Another word for you…

Among the many writers and songsters in the long tradition of mystics and spiritualists who have written love poems to God, I’m not sure I would have ever expected to find Billy Joel – but the gospel reading for this weekend has me singing one of his tunes.

Home can be the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Indiana’s early morning dew

High up in the hills of California

Home is just another word for you

(“You’re My Home,” B. Joel)

In this Sunday’s reading Jesus begins to call the disciples to follow him. “Where are you staying?” they ask. Jesus replies, “Come and see.” They want to know what place Jesus calls home, but – if home is where the heart is – then God’s home is wherever we are and, conversely, we discover that our truest home is much more than a wood frame or a stone sanctuary – rather, it is in God, which is to say that it is to be found in each other.

In Christ,

Pastor Erik

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