Message: Beacon in the Storm…

The day began like this: my alarm went off, but in my drowsiness I hit snooze one too many times and overslept. Waking up in a panic I realized that I needed extra time to shovel snow off my car. Arriving at the car I discovered that the car wouldn’t start. Having called a friend to come give me a jump I discovered that it wasn’t the battery, but the alternator. Now I sit here at home, waiting for the tow truck to come take me to the shop.

This would make for a lousy morning under most circumstances, but it’s also December. There are extra meetings and holiday shopping and preparations for travel. It’s enough to make you want to crawl back into bed until after the new year.

Next best thing? The Mid-Week Advent Service of Prayer and Healing at St. Luke’s tonight! We’ll be gathering up in the chancel of the sanctuary for a service of songs, readings and prayer to center ourselves in hopeful expectation. Like biofeedback for the soul. I can’t wait.

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