Saturday, August 12, 2017: The Wedding of Erika Sidney and Matthew Carek

What is the story you will tell about your marriage? How do you understand the decision you are making today? Why are you making it now? What will you do when this decision becomes difficult to sustain (as it almost certainly will at some point)? What story can you tell that will help you face life’s hardships as opportunities to grow closer together?

Homily: The Wedding of Yali Amit & Sara Spoonheim

This couple treats their life like a gift that matters. Like King Monobaz from the Talmud reading, they invest themselves shrewdly in people and causes that have the potential to change the world. The wealth they are creating is not measured by the size of their home, or the prestige of their job titles, or the value of their combined accounts. It is measured by the communities they have created over a lifetime of action and activism. It is the measured by the scope of the vision they have for a world where poverty is met with generosity, where workers are treated with dignity, and where peace is established on the basis of justice.