Sermon: Sunday, July 12, 2015: Seventh Sunday after Pentecost

I will be gathering tomorrow morning at 10:30am at the James Randolph Center on LaSalle St downtown for the next Moral Monday protest, where at least 200 other people of faith are expected to be as well. My goal is not only to participate in the protest, but to listen to the voices and stories of those whose lives are placed in jeopardy by the failure of our elected leaders to govern wisely. I want to hear their stories first-hand so that I can share them with you and with others more accurately. I invite you to join me.

Sermon: Sunday, April 1, 2012: Palm Sunday

Texts: Isaiah 50:4-9a + Psalm 31:9-16 + Philippians 2:5-11 + Mark 11:15-18,12:13-17 So, who bought lottery tickets this week? I did. I never do, but on Wednesday or Thursday I got a text alert from telling me that the Mega Million jackpot had hit $540 million dollars -- the largest payout in the history … Continue reading Sermon: Sunday, April 1, 2012: Palm Sunday