Sermon: Sunday, August 2, 2015: Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

It is time for us to break camp and start looking for Jesus. We, who have been fed well in this place and in many places like this, are now called to get in the boat and cross the lake. We are heading into the wilderness, not just our congregation, but our whole society. Don’t you feel it? The illusory promise of life on demand has failed us, as it always does, and now is the moment of our liberation. We are disencamping from the economy of scarcity, from the politics of fear, from the policies of segregation, from the spirituality of hoarding. We must if we are going to live. We must if we are going to be free. We must if there is to be any future at all. We must leave what we have known, the idol of security, for the promise of real prosperity.