Sermon: Sunday, January 19, 2020: India Travel Seminar

Friends, the wedding at Cana never ended. It is still happening wherever wine is shared and the Lord Jesus is made present. Each time we take the bread and drink the wine, Jesus is present with us and in us again. We are made a part of one another, each of us belonging to the other, all of us part of one body, Christ’s body, which takes into itself everything and everyone the world has called unclean and impure and gives us a new name. 

Sermon: Wednesday, August 28, 2019: LSTC Welcome Week

It is dangerous to tell the story of God salvation history to people who have lost hope, because they might believe it. It might change them. They might find common cause in one another. They might learn again what they have always known, that they were created in love, by love, for love. They might live their lives as if it were true, and then how would the world sell them its goods, its illusions, its rationalizations and justifications for all the harm we do to ourselves and others, all our betrayals of self and other?